Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Dirt Road South

I was browsing the net for a few special

"just because" gifts for my daughter in law,

when I stumbled on this

Etsy Shop....."Dirt Road South".

I have to be honest the name caught my attention and I had to settle my curiousity and find out just what was behind the name. Talk about a difficult decision...whew! There were so many entriguing items. I wanted them all!

Lori is certainly "one clever Artist!

I so enjoy her creativity!!!

A perfect match for the Black Skull
and Crossbones on Hot Pink Pendant!
This cute little skull and crossbones ring measures
just under an inch from the top of the hand-stamped,
resin-coated black skull on hot pink hand-painted wooden base
to the bottom of the silver-plated adjustable ring
and is approximately one inch wide.

These little bobbies are so cute,
and add a bit of pretty to any outfit!
Measuring roughly half an inch each,
these bright hot pink acrylic roses
are securely attached to silver-plated
standard size bobby pins.
Pick some up for your favorite little girl,
or your favorite big girl
that refuses to grow up!

One of a kind original artwork you can wear!
This hand-painted pendant measures just
3/4 of an inch wide
and is approximately 1 7/8 inches tall
with the silver plated bail included.
Hot pink and rich, chocolately brown swirl into each other
for a unique and one of a kind design
that reminds me of neopolitan ice cream.

Here are just a few of the many items currently for sale at
Dirt Road South!

A Message From Lori:

My name is Lori... nice to "meet" you! Born and raised in Virginia (Colonial Heights proud!), I've called South Mississippi home since 1994. I make stuff, I break stuff, but I don't ever take stuff because you know what they say about karma. I'm lucky enough to be supported in my artistic endeavours by an incredible support group of friends and family. I have 3 amazing kids, and if you don't believe me they'll be happy to tell you just how fabulous they are!

I'm constantly creating, and I pride myself on design, craftsmanship and quality. I'm into recycling, upcycling, bicycling. Okay, so not so much the last one... I don't even own a bike. But I like them. I like lots of stuff... all sorts of stuff.

And if you haven't gotten enough of me here, you can also find me here:

... and possibly a few more places as I do my best to infiltrate the world wide interwebs!

Lori has a birthday coming up.....Why not stop by, , and wish this creative artist a
"Happy Birthday" on August 18th......
I bet you find something you just can't resist while you're there!

Thanks for stopping by!

and remember.....









  1. awesome post Karen...Lori does have some great items in her shop...too cute to pick just one!

  2. Yay, what a great profile! LOVE Lori's creations and am always excited to see what she comes up with next. I own one of her rings, with a little teacup and spoon on it. How great is that??

  3. oh my gosh, karen, you are so absolutely amazing! thanks so much for this fabulous post. i'm so very honored to be featured on your lovely blog! i mean, i loved you before and all that, but this... this is outstanding! what an incredible surprise!

    and thanks dee and tamara, for your super sweet comments as well! i'm feelin the love yall. i wish we could have a group hug right now. i love yall!

    karen, did your daughter in law love her happies?! i hope so! thanks again! xoxo

  4. She was so surprised that I could find such cute things that are just what she loves, too! She rec'd them on the day I arrived in Cleveland so I helped her put the pins in her hair for work. They looked absolutely ADORABLE!!!! She didn't realize at first that you had "handmade" the pendant...she was in AWE!!!

  5. Great post! Love everything you buy for your DIL .. she is a lucky lady!!!

  6. Great post - agree so many fun items in Lori's store and Karen, such great gifts for your DIL!

  7. Karen you always amaze me with your blog!!!! You are outstanding!!!! :)

  8. What a great post about a sweet and talented lady... I love all her mosaic pendants, and that Ice Cream Sundae Necklace is sooooo CUTE!! :D

  9. Karen--I just love all that you do with your blog. Lori is such an amazing person--such a wealth of information besides being super creative!

  10. Karen,

    I just adore Lori! Her personality sings through her work! I am so happy to see her featured on your blog.

  11. love the pop, humor of her work and love your format!

  12. What a wonderful post. She is very creative.
    I enjoy you blogs