Saturday, May 23, 2009

Andersen MyoTherapy

What a fantastic find!
I recently bought this heart, charm encased, bracelet for my daughter-in-law for Mother's Day. I didn't tell her ahead of time. I wanted to see her initial reaction when she opened the package. And what a surprise it turned out to be! It brought tears to her eyes to think I would give her such a sentimental gift that she could continue to add little charms to and then possibly pass it on down to her daughter as a memoir.

There were so many charms to choose from and so many themes, too. I chose these pretty little charms to remind her of their children along with her favorite flower, the rose. To see all the pretty little charms to choose from go to:

You will also see that there are several precious heart lockets to choose from, such as, a bracelet, necklaces, & 3 different styles of key chains.

Stop by and let Debbie Anderson show you around!
Debbie also has several other sites at :
Andersen MyoTherapy & Gift Boutique
Here you will find amazing gifts for yourself or a loved one!
Debbie has everything from Gourmet candles, Italian Charms,
Loose Leaf Tea & Accessories, Bath & Body Products,
Mineral Make-up, Mama Mixes and Baskets!
You will also see some items
you can purchase directly from Debbie's website in additional tabs.
(Electric & Non Electric Simmer Pots & Oils)

If you have any questions email:
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  1. AWW Thank you SO Much Karen!! What a wonderful write up!! I just love and appreciate you so much!! And I LOVE the new layout!

  2. What a great post on The Knead To Relax! That charm bracelet is too cute!
    Erin Keys

  3. I have purchased Tea from Debbi and was very impressed with the quality of the product! I am a satisfied customer of Debbi's and I will purchase from her again! She has lots of wonderful things to choose from in her "shop" and its hard to select just one thing lol.! That Bracelet is Beautiful, I can see how important it would be to your daughter! May have to get one for my sister, hum.... lol

  4. Oh WOW how adorable is that!!! great purchase!

  5. I have purchased the Italian Charm bracelet from Debbi and love it! That charm is adorable also. If you are not sure what you are wanting or don't see it, let Debbi help you, she has great customer service!!!

  6. Oh wow you are right! What a Fantastic find!! those are amazing!

  7. I've never seen anything like that!!! How pretty!

  8. Aw, that is so great that your daughter-in-law was so touched by the gift! Well done on a perfect present. :)

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    Good luck!