Monday, April 25, 2011

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April Blog Hop
"We are sensitive by nature, we are strong in our worth, and when injured by a reckless world, we gather to heal one another. That is the greatest of our celebrations, to reach out and heal with love and uninhibited compassion. It is our natural reaction to pain."
excerpt from: Celebrating Ourselves as Women By Anne Marie Baugh

My "Mother's Love" necklace is included in my 'Tribute to Womanhood' collage
Reflecting on Motherhood as part of the uniqueness of Womanhood, I chose to create necklace calling it "Mother's Love". The pendant is a locket and perfect for enclosing a photo of you and your child/children. It is "one of a kind" and definitely would make a perfect Mother's Day Gift. Visit my store at: "Take a moment to notice the women around you. Yes, the woman as mother, but also the girl in transition to womanhood, the businesswoman, the caregiver, the healer, etc. Take the time to thank each and everyone for their contribution in the world. " Now hop on over to other blogs "Celebrating Womanhood", by the fabulous women of Unique Woman in Business Yahoo Group ......Click on the links below:

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  1. WOW!!! That is an **amazing** necklace!! It's absolutely beautiful and would be such a lovely piece to wear to celebrate being a mother.

    Harvest Moon by Hand

  2. The necklace is perfect! Your blog is so feminine,fits you to a T!

  3. Beautiful necklace! I also enjoyed reading the quotes in your blog.

  4. What a gorgeous necklace!!! Any mother gifted with such a thoughtful work of art would be proud, indeed!


    Linda :)

  5. Karen...have you listed that necklace, yet? I don't see it in your shop. Has it sold already?

  6. Your blog and that necklace are beautiful! Such a beautiful post, too. What a wonderful Mother's Day gift that would be!

  7. Stunning necklace! And your post is so lovely - the quotes and thoughts are superb!

  8. What a wonderful quote . The Locket is absolutely stunning,

  9. Thank you so much for all your beautiful comments ladies! I really enjoyed reading them.
    Linda...Thanks for the "heads up"! I thought I posted it....just did so now. Thanks again!!!!

  10. Wonderful post Karen and Gorgeous necklace!! I believe I need to go find a copy of Anne Marie Baugh's book. Sounds like a great read!!

    Thank you,

  11. A beautiful necklace, Karen! It has been a great deal of fun to see all the different views our team took on this subject! Your quote is truly perceptive.


  12. Beautiful necklace and wonderful post!!