Wednesday, November 25, 2009

While I was making my Christmas wish list, I discovered the most intriquing shop on Etsy. Not only is the shop intriguing, but so is the creator/designer. Grab a cup of coffee or tea, get snuggled up in a comfy chair and enjoy the journey....
PS: Be sure to say "Happy Birthday" while you are here! (December, 11)

Embrace your love of the land with nature-inspired,
eco-friendly, fine art and artisan jewelery from Wabi Brook Studio. Indulge your individuality with hand-crafted designs which
reflect the beautifully simple organic shapes and colors of nature. Many pieces are one-of-a-kind, or made in limited editions.

Each piece is created in respectful celebration of our
wonderful planet and the creatures that live on it,
using materials that are
re-claimed, re-cycled, vintage
or fair-trade wherever possible. Every item is carefully wrapped in packaging made from recycled/recyclable products.

Wabi Brook Studio welcomes creative collaboration!
Whether it is jewelery to co-ordinate with an outfit
or a portrait of a special animal,
the resulting custom item will be uniquely yours!

A note from Julie:

I am a mostly self-taught artist, wife, mother, (mostly) retired equestrian trainer/coach, menagerie manager, metal worker, paint pusher, chief cook and bottle washer, earth child, student of life, photographer. My whole family are shutterbugs. From time to time, their work will also feature in my shop.

I create intuitively, beginning with the end in mind, but never knowing the route I will take, or even if I will end up where originally planned. My creative process is often tortuous, sometimes free flowing, always interesting. I love what I do. I play with fire, hit things really hard, throw paint around - and no-one tells me to stop! It doesn’t get any better than this.
I care about every piece I create. I want my work to celebrate both nature and humanity without compromising either, and not be just a handcrafted alternative to the mass-market, sweatshop-manufactured culture we live in. Therefore, wherever possible, I use recycled/reclaimed/vintage /free trade materials in my work, and packaging made from recycled/recyclable products. All my jewelery is hand-made, by me, one at a time and in very limited editions. Many pieces are one of a kind. Ditto for my artwork. I create and sell original pieces of art, and also sell professionally made limited-edition giclee prints of many of those works.
Check out my website and blog:
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Proud member of:
Whoa Horse Art Street Team! (search whoa team)
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I am totally overwhelmed at the beauty of Julie's works. How fortunate she is to be a woman of so many talents! Please visit Julie's store at:
It will be an experience you will never forget and a place you will want to visit again and again. I can't wait to see what Julie will be creating for her next unique design or project!
Thanks for stopping by, and remember:
Bloom Where You are Planted!!!
Enjoy the Journey!!!
Big Hugs and Chmokies!


  1. Your work is beautiful - so glad you shared you design processes with us.

  2. Julie is a very talented and warm hearted person! I am proud to know her and she has wonderful creations in her store!!!

  3. Karen, thank you so much for featuring me on your beautiful blog! I am so blessed to know you!

  4. I love Julie's work, and am fortunate to won a pair of her earrings! She's a great artist, and a great person!

  5. This woman is truly a 'unique' and talented lady!

  6. Loved learning more about Julie. She's an amazing artist and she's a wonderful person as well. I'm thrilled to have met her and I look forward to seeing her newest creations. Congratulations Julie on a wonderful feature! -kristen

  7. What a wonderful post!!! I love Julie's artwork -she is so talented!