Thursday, November 12, 2009

I have had many requests to explain
the meaning and purpose
of my latest listing
The Salvation Necklace.

The colored crystals represent various bible verses regarding salvation.
By wearing it, it is a reminder of our purpose on earth, and our salvation.
It is a reminder to help keep your faith strong.
The card that comes with it explains the beads
and has the references for looking it up in the Bible.
I have so many testimonial from customers who bought from me,
and then come back the next year so excited to tell me all
about their, healings, better lives, miracles,
renewed faith...etc., etc., etc.


Mark was on drugs so bad his mom shipped him
off to Hawaii to live with his father.
He became a street person, wandering around
looking for money and food.
One day he called her.
After a long conversation begging him to change,
she told him she was going to send him a bracelet to wear.

When he got the bracelet he put it on.

He called his mom about a week later and told her
that when he put the bracelet on, he found himself walking to the mall.
When he went in the mall, he said something told him to go
to the end of the hall. He ended up in the Army recruiting station.
He called his mom to let her know he was joining the Army.
She didn't believe him cause he always lied.
He put the recruiter on the phone. The recruiter told her
that he was going to take care of him
and keep him out of trouble until he
was ready to go wherever they send him.

Today, the young boy has been in the Army for 2 years
is drug free!
I know his mom personally.
I worked with her at the local hospital her in California, before I was laid off.
She said he attributes everything that happened to him to the bracelet,
he even tried to continue to keep it in his shoe when he was in boot camp.
He said it renewed his Faith and helped him find direction.
To this day when he comes home on leave,
he always stops by to see me and thanks me
for giving his mom the bracelet for him.

This is just one of MANY testimonials I have heard.
I wanted to start my business with something of my faith....

therefore, I chose the Salvation Bracelet.

For the first year that is all my parents and I made...
we could hardly keep up!
I hope this has helped anyone who did not quite understand
the purpose of the salvation necklace, bracelet, key chain, etc.
Thanks for stopping by......
and remember
are Planted!


  1. Karen that is awesome! I think your necklace is beautiful.

  2. What a great post! It is funny what little things make such big meaningful reminders!!! Great job!! Beautiful work!