Friday, April 3, 2009

My Purchases
from the
Wonderful UWIB Ladies
Part 2

Carla Ekman was a database designer/software engineer for 19 years, but since 2002 she has been running her own business from home called Cobweb Corner.
She is a very creative jewelry designer giving each of her pieces an artsy flair!
She is constantly trying new materials and recently began doing digital altered art with scrabble tiles,bamboo pendants, soldered glass etc.

I am so glad she gave up her "day job" to dedicate her time to designing! I absolutely love her tile pendants and, of course, I couldn't resist! I bought the Bunco Fairy for a friend of mine who plays Bunco twice a month. When she opened the box, she went crazy over it! She said she was going to start a tradition with it by giving it to the winner to wear until the next Bunco get together. Clever! eh?
(isn't that fairy the cutest little thing you every saw?)
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And take a look at this precious little gal, just a sittin' there proud as a peacock 'cause the voices only talk her.....I got news for her..."they talk to me occasionally, too!" LOL!

I purchased this "little pretty" for a friend's birthday gift along with the ball chain to go with it. What a classy statement she makes when she wears it with a black turtle neck! WOW! Everyone has asked just where did she find such a striking pendant......"I know where!" LOL!

And last but certainly not least, I celebrated my Mom's birthday by purchasing these beautifully faceted topaz earrings set in antiqued brass!

"What Show Stoppers!"

My Mother is 84 and loves to look good even if she is just making a trip to the grocery store! The people in town just love her and her stylish ways. They are always looking to see what new jewelry I have purchased for her. When they saw her with these pretties on they went crazy....these earrings really have a lustre that is hard to describe.

Stop on over to Carla's shop at:
and see her beautiful designs!
You will definitely be in awe of her talents!
Carla aslo has a blog at:
I encourage you to visit Carla's blog for it has some very interesting and educational information to offer.
Stop back next week
when I will be featuring yet another purchase I have made from the
Wonderful Ladies of UWIB!
Where You are Planted!"


  1. Great post, so many lovelies in Cobweb Corner!! Very Unique & wonderful peices!

  2. Carla's got it going on! LOL
    I love her stuff. :)