Friday, March 6, 2009

Tamara Garvey is an outstanding artist of eccentric and inky illustrations, who currently resides in beautiful Savannah, Georgia. She definitely has an assortment to choose from, i.e., drawings, prints, ACEO's, note cards, and other assorted ink-on-paper items.

"I like for my work to be eye-catchingly abstract and dreamy from far away, but to contain fun line drawings and text once you look closely."
And "contain fun"? They sure do! I find myself going back to her art to search for more hidden quirky things. I love-love-love her style! The other day I introduced my husband to her artwork and he was totally intrigued. Take a browse and experience the fun for yourself at

Horse of a Different Color
It's good to stand out in a crowd! This one says it all!
Nuts About You
Now, this little guy is gonna weather the storm just fine! Don't you love his coordinated rain gear? Very cute. And he'll be happily snuffling through that pile o' peanuts for a long, long time.
Enchantment Under the Sea
What happens under the sea when nobody's looking? Here's one possibility...


  1. Great write up! Love Tamara Garveys shop!

  2. great post, i'm totally digging tamara's work!

  3. Oh, my gosh! Karen, thank you so much for this write-up and your lovely words! You are such a great e-friend. :) I really appreciate your wonderful support.